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The Lost City

Today we’ll be reviewing another really awesome android game. This is yet another “hidden objects” game. Before you start complaining that there are already too many of those lying around, stop and think for a while : what other games work on most android devices? That is why there are so many of these games lying around – because they are a success since they run on most devices.

This game, however, may not be nice as to run on anything. That is partially due to the fact that it has a superior graphic than your standard hidden object game. Also, judging from the good reception it has received, I’d say it was pretty damn good. None of the reviews I’ve read about it seem to be negative. Everyone is praising its graphics and simple enough gameplay.


  • You are to collect and analyze artifacts, clues and symbols
  • Enjoy the original soundtrack, stunning graphics and realistic sound effects
  • Track symbols and clues on your journey as soon as you encounter them
  • Use the dynamic map to see the location you’ve explored and your current location
  • You can also check the hint guide on your walk-through and your point-and-click adventure.


Your grandmother was right, however, nobody truly believed her ( not even you ). For years she regaled you with magical bedtime stories of her adventures as an archaeologist. You only cuddled closer to here and listened with your wide eyes as she told of her most enchanting discovery, that being the Lost City. From the ruins of that ancient city a mysterious power calls. Grandma knows why, but is now too old to handle the mission. Inspired by the classic choose-your-own-adventure games, you are to return to the slumbering ruins and bring forth the artifact that represents the heart of the civilization, artifact which was once wrongfully removed from that sacred land.

The legend says that those who lived among the now crumbling ruins could somehow control the flow of the seasons. You are to return the missing piece and discover the magical powers that still exist among the silent and majestic land. Shrouded by a lush forest and veiled by cascading waterfalls, this List City has never surrendered its location to any map. You are to navigate your way through the forest, picking up clues as you go, if you hope to ever reach it. Reaching it isn’t the hardest part, though. You must collect artifacts and solve puzzles in order to open the massive stone doors, or safely slip beneath a waterfall, to discover yet another step on your journey through this once ancient civilization.

As you discover more and more symbols, clues and artifacts, you store them into your backpack and take some notes in your journal. You will map each new location so when you find the answer to the puzzle from your previous encounter you will be able to easily and swiftly travel back to that location. With the stunning graphics and the original soundtrack that takes you through time, it is easy to get as lost as the Lost City, the one formerly cracked open by your grandmother, in this wonderful and challenging adventure game.

You can download this awesome little game from



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