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The Dawn of a New Age

It has begun …

The Galaxy Nexus is finally available to the public. Currently only Verizon has chosen to market this phone, and it’s at a pretty steep price. Verizon has been pushing for quite some time to get its products at a steady 300$ price. They sort of succeeded with the Galaxy Nexus since it will cost 299.99 dollars to get from them. There’s just one catch though, you have to also take on a two year contract in order to get this particular phone at that price. Some might say it was worth it, since let us not forget, the Galaxy Nexus is the dawn of a new era for Android, the era of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Now in order to make it a bit tough for Verizon to do what they actually proposed themselves to do, LetsTalk is willing to sell the said smartphone for a price of 154.99 dollars. It sounds like a pretty good deal since it’s almost half of the price that Verizon has put out, but the contract thing is still standing.

Verizon subscribers that want to continue with it and are looking for an upgrade have to pay an extra 20 dollars for the prolonging of the contract. However, all things considered the price still remains unbeatable.

All and all, I do think it’s a bit expensive but hopefully it will be worth its price.




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