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The Amazing Spider-Man

Same as with the Dark Knight Rises game, don’t get your hopes up for this one unless you have a really strong phone / tablet. Heck, there’s a minor issue with this game to take into consideration, and since you’re probably going to pay a lot of money to get it, I deem it important for you to know ahead of time what this issue is: at certain moments, the game will lag, it’s frame-rate dropping considerably. It’s still playable during those moments and it doesn’t really affect the like-ability of the game as this doesn’t occur in the key story moments. The fault of this is the same as with any open-world game on any platform. By definition, an open-world game lacks loading screens, therefore the game must load as you go on. Unless you have a strong hardware configuration, you will feel that loading as the game will lag at times. It rarely occurs with this game as well if you happen to have lots of background applications on. Other than that, it doesn’t really have any major flaws.

Also, something you should be aware of ahead of time. If the graphics haven’t tipped you off yet, this game looks great. If it looks that great, it requires a lot of space for its files. Therefore, while the APK ( the setup ) may be 50 MB in size ( as that is the limit that Google Play employs ), the game will occupy some 2 GB when installed. Same goes for all games that have HD-quality graphics such as The Dark Knight Rises or Need for Speed or other such titles. That is normal and you shouldn’t really panic if you see it occupy so much.

At the end of this article there is a small gameplay trailer which proves to you how this game works.


  • Play the Official Amazing Spiderman Game
  • Explore the City that Never Sleeps
  • Free New York City from the Lizard
  • Become the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man


As you may be aware if you’ve at any point in your life played movie-based games, in this game you will replay the events ( and then some ) of the movie from a different perspective. What you do in this game is play off against the Lizard and hordes of rampaging gangs. You can fully use the Web-Slinging and Crawling abilities throughout the open and fully 3D New York. The game is beautifully rendered from the graphical perspective and it provides hours of heart-pounding action.

The game features more than 25 fully-immersive missions inspired by the movie’s storyline in which you are to fight the Lizard and all of his minions in order to put a stop to his dark schemes. Don’t forget, this is a Spider-Man game so the Climbing, Jumping and Web-Slinging off buildings mechanics have been heavily emphasized upon.

New York in this game is placed in 5 disctricts: Central Park, Business, Downtown, Pier and Residential. An exciting and well-built fighting system with melee, ranged and combo attacks will keep you fighting and struggling for survival ( at times ) all through those 5 full-explorable districts. Also, the game has a wide selection of upgrades made to help improve your style and fighting moves, as well as your aerial skills. Also, there are plenty of collectibles and hidden missions to keep you occupied during the free-roam sections of the game. You will find that purchasing this game was money well spent.

Here is a game trailer that shows a bit of what you can do in this awesome Android game:

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