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Yet Another Useless Prediction From Gartner

As a research firm, Gartner must keep on making this type of predictions to earn money, even though I think their methods are very flawed. It’s not just what I think, though. They’ve shown before that their predictions are completely useless for a period longer than even 6 months. Read More »

Android’s Market Share Only 45% by 2016? I Don’t Think So!

Just days ago we had IDC make a prediction for 2015, saying Android will get 45% and WP7 will basically get a 100% conversion from Symbian and a 20% market share by 2015. ABI’s numbers are a bit different but I wouldn’t put money on any of their predictions and I think the market shares will be much different by ... Read More »

Is Nokia Going to Switch to WP7?

The rumors are adding up, and soon we might find out that Nokia is going to switch to Microsoft’s WP7. This goes back to when Nokia hired Mr. Elop to be its CEO. Elop was a Microsoft executive before this, and many people have speculated that they simply want a North American CEO to increase Nokia’s market share in USA, ... Read More »

LG’s WP7 Sales Disappoint. What’s the Alternative?

LG is coming out and admitting that WP7 sales are less than what they expected. Too high expectations or simply dissapointing OS? Maybe a little of both. LG, like other manufacturers, wants to have an alternative to Android, because they don’t want to depend too much on it. They want to have leverage when negotiating with Google as well. For ... Read More »

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