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mSecure – Password Manager

This is an app for those of you who have too many passwords for all of your important accounts and not enough space in your memory or enough will to learn them all ( which, in my opinion, is one of the most foolish mistakes you could make ). Having played a great amount of PG games, mostly Massively Multiplayer Online games, I know how a hacker can operate, and how nothing is secure. Call me paranoid, but that is just my firm belief based on solid facts and constructed through years of experimenting scams and tricks. My personal opinion is that nothing is safer than the mind of the individual. You will attain nothing by placing all of your passwords and important information inside of an app that God only knows what is linked to. Still, let us take a look at this application anyway.

Here are a few featues :

  • Auto-lock to protect the app from prying eyes
  • Password Generator to create unguessable passwords
  • Sync Everywhere™ cloud data protection architecture not dependent on security of cloud service.
  • Free backup utility to keep data safe
  • Email attachment backup/restore for quick backups
  • Optional self-destruct if hacker attempts to guess your password
  • Seventeen standard templates for fast data entry with the ability to create custom templates with UNLIMITED fields
  • Over 100 icons to personalize your records
  • Integrated search, sort, and collapsible section headers
  • Full landscape support (optional
  • Groups to categorize your records
  • Mark any record as a favorite for fast access
  • Sharing of records via email, SMS or clipboard
  • Sync button from the main view makes it easy to keep records in sync with other platforms
  • Keep track of your record counts by group and type
  • New convenience menus and toolbars to access most-used functions
  • New Dropbox Cloud sync enables data sync over standard Internet connection – no firewall setup required
  • Sync Everywhere™ architecture supports multiple cloud systems, safely and securely. (Google Docs coming soon)
  • Sync multiple devices with multiple desktops via private Wi-Fi
  • Import data from competitor products directly or via spreadsheet

And there you have all the features you need to know. With all that info placed in front of you, it is still hard for me to trust such an app considering all that I have encountered in the past. But that is my opinion and mine alone, don’t let me demotivate you.

You can get this “interesting” app from the Amazon, among other places.

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