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HTC One – Gold Edition

I never did find it an interesting idea, but then again, I never did have tons of money laying at my disposal and have nothing to do with them. Apparently, a few respectable companies out there took it upon themselves to actually “upgrade” a device’s exterior by plating it with Gold for the more discerning customers. Now I can see why they would want to upgrade an existing device’s exterior and not go for other existing, already “spiced up” devices on the market ( such as Vertu, who look great, cost a lot but offer little to no performance ).

The Gold-Colored shells of HTC One appeared in China a few days ago and it was widely believed that the Taiwanese manufacturer was preparing a “gold” edition of the flagship smartphone. In truth, however, the HTC One in gold is indeed coming, however, not in the state as you would expect, as it is not directly sold by HTC themselves. The HTC One gold is actually a custom-made device by Gold Genie, a company that is known for gold plating popular gadgets and smartphones. It will also have a platinum version and a rose-gold version of the HTC One.

HTC One Gold is a genuine HTC product with the addition of 24-carat gold on the outer layer of its design. The 32 GB of the special-edition will cost you around 3000 dollars, while the platinum version will get you up to a 3300 dollars and the rose-gold one will set you back 3170 dollars.

In the eventuality in which you don’t have thousands of dollars to throw away on a golden phone, the smart move would be to wait a bit. Perhaps, in the future, HTC might actually release a Champagne-Gold colored HTC One that will look just as good, but not be so expensive.

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