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Hate Dual SIM Phones ? Try Spikko

The need of keeping work and personal phone numbers is very real. Aren’t you tired getting a lot of work related phone calls on your weekend, or in a trip ? What are the options if you decided to take this step and have separate phone numbers for business and for personal purposes ? Having 2 phones with you or having a dual SIM phone.

I hate dual-sim phones. Great smartphones are not dual-sim, they will never be. Your options if you want a dual-sim phone are very limited. Having 2 smartphones with you wherever you go is also a bad option. Instead of buying one, you need to spend the money for 2.

There is a third option available: Spikko. Spikko Telecom, an Israel based company just raised 1 million dollars from private investors in order to scale-up its multi-line solution. With Spikko, you can forget about dual sim phones. You can enjoy using several phone numbers on your own preferred smartphone.

Starting with only $4, you can have any number you want from 60 different countries. No Internet or Wifi data is required. The Spikko multi-line solution also supports identity management features. When a Spikko user calls someone else, he can choose which number to show up on the phone screen of the call recipient.

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