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Yet another app that I feel hasn’t received enough attention as it should have and not many people know about is Google Keep. While this may be an app developed by Google itself, it isn’t one that can be found pre-installed on Android devices. It is really a shame that Google Keep isn’t more widespread as it is one of those apps that has a large number of uses and can come in handy more than once in a while. To make it even more practical to the people, this app doesn’t cost anything, so it will take you back nothing at all to try it out.

What Google Keep does is capture your thoughts and help you easily recall them wherever you are. In order words, it creates memos. You can use it to created a checklist, enter a voice note or even snap a photo and annotate it. Everything that you add is instantly available on all of your devices, be them desktop or mobile.

Some of the features of this app include: keeping track of your thoughts via notes, lists and photos, having voice notes transcribed automatically, using homescreen widgets to capture thoughts quickly, color-coding your notes for ease of access, archiving old memos with a simple swipe, turning a note into a checklist by adding checkboxes and using your notes from anywhere.

Your notes are kept safely inside of the cloud available for access at http://drive.google.com/keep. Now as I already said, this app doesn’t cost you anything, so I highly recommend you try it as soon as you can. For your viewing pleasure, I shall provide you with a video below to see for yourself how this app works.

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