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ChannelCaster : Social News

Since everybody is so crazy about social networks, here’s another one.

Try it, you tried Facebook after all …

Don’t lie … I know you did.

Official Description :

Discover, mash, and share new, sometimes unexpected news, gossip, local buzz, celebrity photos, viral videos and more.

We want you to explore, be entertained—and even caught off guard— we don’t creep and then just feed you more of what’s in your usage history. Instead, ChannelCaster allows you to build and share Channels with your friends or the entire community based on what interests you, resulting in an engaging experience (instead of a ho-hum news reader.)

Beauty may only be skin-deep….and it is sometimes boring. The ChannelCaster user experience looks and feels cool, but is willing to trade (yawn) elegance for energy and engagement:

Content from 1000s of sources like Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, news websites, and blogs is just the beginning.

You define your topic, then aggregate and publish related, dynamic content into Channels, intended to amuse, educate, thrill, disturb, or inspire yourself and others.

Browse preloaded programming, or Public Channels that have been created and published by other Casters.
ChannelCaster lets you curate, mash and share dynamic Channels based on your areas of interest.

What makes ChannelCaster totally unique:
– Build your own Channels right on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Keep them for yourself, or share them with other Casters
– Enjoy your favorites, or dive in and discover new Channels created and published by the ChannelCaster community every day.
– No creepy usage tracking analyzing your reading habits and serving cookie-cutter content delivery.
– Curate content from thousands of sources including words, pictures, video, audio, tweets and more into one tight mobile experience
– Browse, access and rate Public Channels shared by others
– Access your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Reader feeds
– Current weather, stock, and horoscope information in ticker format, with the option to drill deeper

Official Video :

You can get this from the Android Market.


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