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Today we’ll be taking a look at a very interesting Puzzle game. Now as opposed to some other Android games, this one is a True Puzzle game. While most of them are just Hidden Object games that call themselves puzzlers, this one is so much more than that. It offers a whole bunch of original content and a whole lot of interesting mini-games. Being so complex, it is sort of explained why this game costs around 2 dollars. I urge you, when you have the time, to stop and check out the prices of all games. Those that offer quite little content and little challenge are more often than not cheaper than 1 dollar. The really complex ones can go up to 10 dollars or more, but those games are games in the true sense of the word. Heck, give it to some newbie and he / she will mistake it for a PC game. This one, if you are to compare it on the large scale with all the games out there, is sort of an average, yet highly interesting, puzzle game. It can easily stand its own against some of the more complex ones, but we’re not here to compare different products of different genres.¬†There isn’t altogether that much to be said about this game, as to truly understand how awesome it is you have to play it.

Judging from the reception this game received, I may not be the only one to think so. Most buyers of this particular puzzler seem to agree with me since most of them say the same thing. They all agree on the fact that this game offers a whole lot of variety and content for your 2 dollars. In the end, it’s a pretty good buy.


  • This game contains more than 40 unique puzzles for you to solve.
  • The game has around 5 puzzles at Master level, so beating those is going to prove a bit challenging
  • The game features multiple “Escape the Room” type challenges
  • This game also has a gorgeous graphics and atmospheric music
  • If you enjoyed particular puzzles, you can always replay them at your leisure
  • If you find the game difficult, know that it also has an integrated hint system.


The story of this game isn’t much. You are to free somebody called Titus who has been trapped in a haunted room by his great-uncle. He has asked you to release him from his cell by breaking his magical spell. In order to do this, you are to solve a series of most peculiar puzzles, the puzzles of Azada to be more exact. Crack the series of puzzles and fill in the missing pages of the enchanted book in order to free him from his prison.
Hell it even got a great reception from the critics:
  1. CasualExplosion.com said “Azada, from Big Fish Games, is what you might get if a giant walking magic puzzle strolled into your living room and exploded!”.
  2. TouchMyApps.com said “With great graphics and varied puzles Azada will definitely find a home on any puzzle-solving fan’s device”.

You can get this most interesting app from Amazon.

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