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Asus PadFone Infinity 2

Today we’ll be taking a peek at the Asus PadFone Infinity 2. If you don’t know what sort of device the Asus PadFone Infinity 2 is, let me enlighten you in just a few short words: it is an improved version of the first Asus PadFone, as the name would suggest, and to put it frankly – it’s a phone that turns ... Read More »

Huawei Honor 3

Today we’ll be taking a gander at the Huawei Honor 3, a phone which I believe should have received much more attention than it did. I have to agree that, to my shame, I was somewhat skeptical at first regarding the Huawei phones. Now I am ashamed to say I ever though that way. The Huawei phones turned out, despite my ... Read More »

Fujitsu Arrow A – Revolutionary Charge ?

Apparently, there are many good phones out there from marks we haven’t even heard of, well aside from Asia. One such awesome phone that was recently announced in that area is the Fujitsu Arrow A ( not much to look it if you analyze the complexity of the name, but a real beast of a phone with a really interesting ... Read More »

HP Slate 7

I did some looking around in the tablet department of the market and found some interesting devices. Among them was this one: the HP Slate 7. You may not think much about this tablet, but if you want a tablet for cheap and that can handle a tiny bit of stress, this would be a pretty good choice. HP has released ... Read More »

Save the Snail

Today I have a very interesting game to recommend to you guys. If you’ve checked the name already, you know that I’m referring to Save the Snail. This is a fairly interesting game to try out, especially since it won’t set you back anything considering it’s a free game ( and one of those rare free games that are actually good ... Read More »

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