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Save the Snail

Today I have a very interesting game to recommend to you guys. If you’ve checked the name already, you know that I’m referring to Save the Snail. This is a fairly interesting game to try out, especially since it won’t set you back anything considering it’s a free game ( and one of those rare free games that are actually good ). If you like it, who knows, you may even think of sending a little something in the way of the creator or trying out some more of his or her stuff.

The concept of this game is simple, yet highly entertaining. Your goal, same as in any other lemming type game, is to save some creature from certain death by interfering and placing a couple of objects in certain key places. I guarantee that you will get a few laughs out of this game. I personally think that the voice acting in it sort of fitting and quite funny ( don’t take my word for it, watch the nifty little gameplay video at the end of this article to see for yourself ).


  • The game is 100% free
  • You have 24 levels to play and enjoy
  • The controls are quite easy and don’t require a lot of mashing and finget fitness
  • The game offers over 30 objects for you to place
  • Literally dozens of puzzles that can only be solved with good logic thinking
  • Beautiful Hand-Painted styled graphics
  • Simplistic, yet highly challenging gameplay mechanic
  • Uncommon adventure
  • Great fun for all ages


As I’ve said and as you may have already guessed from the title, your purpose is to save the snail or snails, depending on the level. By placing all sorts of objects here and there, you’re supposed to help them in order to avoid traps, cover wholes in which they might fall or block the sunbeams that would cook the snail in its shell. By doing all of the above, you are to find a way of completing the brain-twisting puzzles of Save the Snail. The game is quite fun for children and a pretty good time-passer for adults as well.

Explore the world of insect and small beings and experience a lot of fun for whole family. Put your logical thinking to work in order to solve all 24 levels in 3 difficulty levels. If you’re a completionist, try and get all three stars for each level ( one for saving the snails, one for collecting all bonus objects and the last one for the most difficult thing – beating the time limit ).

Below I shall post you video with a bit of gameplay for you to see:

You can get and try out this app from HERE.


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