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There are a couple of apps here and there that I feel aren’t getting enough attention. The bad part about them not getting the attention they deserve is that some of them are really useful. One such app is this one – Androidify. It may not be so useful, per say, but it’s quite enjoyable, free, and will run on mostly any Android device. Now were it some app made by some novice developer with only a few minor apps to his name, you’d think that it makes sense not being very popular. However, this app was created by Google itself in partnership with Larva Labs.

In terms of what it does, I guess you can compare it to that pesky Facebook game with the comics and the characters resembling you and your friends. Well, this app allows you to do something similar ( creation-wise – thank God it doesn’t spam you with comics and stuff like that ). What it does is help you make Android your own.

In essence it is pretty simple: you just take the small green Droid and modify it in order to look however you wish. You can stretch it, color it, dress it and so forth. Make it look like yourself or your friends and then you can use it as pictures for their contacts  or just spam the living hell out of them on all sorts of social networks.

I highly recommend this app to any and all who want to try it out. While it may not be one of the most popular apps out there, it is free so it will cost you nothing to try out. As I said before, it is bound to work on a wide range of devices. Below I shall provide you with a video of how this app functions:

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