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Android Gaming Apps To Watch For In 2016

Android gaming industry exploded in the past few years. The mobile market is much more rewarding for game creators than PC. Despite the real gamers still want to play a quality full featured game on a computer, there is the rest of the world who is using the computer for work and doesn’t have time to play games. However, with an android phone, we can install few free games and play whenever we are waiting for something, in the bus or any other time when we are on the move and can’t do anything else.

These days, everyone seems to have a smartphone. While we have seen a lot of popular PC games coming to Android, like FIFA and Grand Theft Auto, these are not the games that are most popular on mobile devices. The lack of controls on a smartphone makes the experience to be way different from the PC version and these are not the games you can play while waiting for the bus. Most people, non-gamers, prefer playing casual and board games.

If we go through the most popular games on android, you will see that most of the games follow the same patterns: small funny games like talking tom, pou, color switch, pool, sudoku, etc. Also, if you are looking at trending gaming apps, you will see a lot of board games there.

Games we want to see turn into apps

Alongside card and board games, another type of games that are getting a lot of popularity these days are online casino games like blackjack, roulette, slots, etc. The reason behind this is that people are interested in games where they have a chance to win something. Even if it is just for fun, the excitement is still there. The popularity is very high not on mobile devices, but on PC too. Slots Heaven is a popular gambling site, which we wants to see as an app. You’ll find many online slots games there, like Marvel, progressive, etc. We’re sure that a Slots Heaven app is only a matter of time.

The trend is clear that more and more people are playing board and card games. They are fun and can be played with our friends. We always played these games, in real life, then on PC, and now with the rise of smartphones we can play everywhere, when we have nothing else to do, when we are waiting for someone, etc.

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