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Alchemy Classic HD

Today we’ll be reviewing a very interesting Android Game. This is one of the more educative Android games yet. Alchemy Classic HD is a really fun game in which you get to create Everything starting from the most basic of elements. Not only that, but you also develop your mental faculties by doing so as well. This game will not only give you the opportunity to prove that you are a genius, but it will also teach you a few very useful things in the process.

This is one of the games that combines a lot of elements from some things you may know. Not only that, but ironically, it is also a game about combining elements. If you’ve ever played PC games before and count yourself as a bit of a gamer, you are familiar with the concept of creating games. I am referring to games such as Spore or Minecraft. In both of those games you start out with close to nothing, yet with a potential for greatness at the same time. In both games, your objective is to create something while starting with close to nothing. This game takes this premise and improves it.

While, for example, in both Spore and Minecraft you could create: Life ( in Spore ) and Technology ( in Minecraft ), this game allows you to create both. In order to make it easier for you so you don’t have to look around the world for all sorts of materials and elements, this game offers you the necessary ones from the very beginning. Don’t know what to do with them? Use your imagination. If all else fails, just start combining random elements and see where that leads you. I’ve played this game for a bit and I can honestly say, it’s more than a bit addictive.


  • It has an addictive gameplay with a very high replay value ( I can personally vouch for that )
  • It has excellent content and it has really well thought out evolution paths ( from the simplest of micro-organisms to mammals, from steam to the jet plane engine, from natural deposits to drilling machines, from common batteries to solar power plants )
  • It has some very clean and beautiful graphics ( hence the “HD” in the title, however, do not despair as it will probably work on most phones – it can run on my Galaxy Mini, after all )
  • It has a flexible system of hints, permitting the player advice in the most difficult moments of the game
  • A lot of logical thinking is required in order to solve all of the puzzles
  • The game has support for over 17 languages.

Throughout time and space ( but we’ll be mostly staying to our history – the history of man ), humans have always been the most eager of the species to explore the world that they inhabit. Throughout they’re great effort a lot of good things have come. Those good things later evolved into great things, such is the example of the most primitive and simple tools becoming high-tech industrial ones which lead to the creating of industrial plants and flying machines.

However complex this may seem, in the beginning, there were only the basic elements : fire, earth, air and water. What was there to do in that situation? Combine them, of course. Those are, after all, the basis of all diversity. While this may seem incredible, you too can see for yourself that all is possible. Of course, you can’t throw a handful a dirt into the air and get a hot air balloon. However, you will contribute to the process of creation in one way or another. Those 4 elements are the heart of all creation in this game. You will see that for yourself, you just have to play it.

This game, Alchemy Classic HD gives players the opportunity of becoming a true explorer and creator.

This nifty little game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Also, There is special offer for all Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note owners. You can download Alchemy Classic Premium with all available elements for free. Download link: http://goo.gl/J2wjd.

Screenshots below :

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