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4 Common Smartphone Mishaps (and How to Fix Them)

There are lots of things that can happen to your smartphone that may leave you with a broken, damaged, or malfunctioning device. And as dependent as most of us have become on our smartphones for our day-to-day activities, a malfunctioning smartphone can leave you feeling like you’ve been deserted on a remote island with no connection to the outside world.

Getting Your Phone Wet

One of the most prevalent problems smartphone users encounter is a wet phone. This can arise from several unfortunate accidents, such as dropping your phone in the toilet, leaving it out in the rain, spilling a drink on it, or dropping it in a swimming pool, river, lake, or even a puddle. No matter how it happens, water and your smartphone are never a good mix.

If you do find yourself with a waterlogged smartphone, there are many things you shouldn’t do and only a few that you should. For instance, it’s not smart to put your device in a bag of rice, despite the well-meaning advice of your friends. You should also avoid hacks like using a hair dryer, putting your phone in the oven or microwave, and basically any method that doesn’t involve letting it dry out on its own or taking it to a wet phone repair service with the know-how to recover your device without causing further damage.

Dropping Your Phone on Concrete

We’ve all done it: You’re frantically rushing to your car in effort to make it to work in time, and somewhere in the course of the frenzy, your smartphone ends up hitting the pavement. Cringing, you pick it up hoping against all odds that it’s unscathed. Sadly, upon picking it up, you realize that it’s cracked – or worse, shattered. What to do?

Your smartphone’s warranty doesn’t typically cover damage caused by this sort of accident, but if you have insurance, you might be covered. Always make these calls first before attempting any DIY hacks or purchasing smartphone screen repair kits. If you do have insurance coverage, the last thing you want to do is risk voiding your policy or setting yourself up for a damaged device fee when it’s time to trade in your smartphone, which might happen if you use an unauthorized cell phone repair service or attempt to do it yourself.

Damage to Your Person Resulting from Smartphone Use

It turns out that possible smartphone mishaps include not only damage to your device but also damage to your person resulting from something you might call screen-glue syndrome. This particular syndrome is on the rise thanks to apps like Pokémon Go, which cause smartphone users to stare intently at their screens while wandering aimlessly around towns, across streets, and near bodies of water.

The possible risks include walking face-first into walls, getting hit by cars, wrecking your car if you’re staring at your screen while driving instead of watching the road, or falling into swimming pools, streams, or lakes. The fix for this, of course, is simply to use your noggin and avoid using apps known for causing screen-glue syndrome when it’s imperative that you’re watching where you’re going.

Downloading Malware and Other Possible Security Breaches

Also among the most common smartphone mishaps is another issue that doesn’t necessarily cause physical damage to your device but can certainly wreak havoc on your personal data security and even your finances. The truth is that most smartphone users don’t prioritize security, and that can be a grave mistake. If you’re not careful about the apps that you download, ensuring that they’re from trusted sources and don’t require access to your personal data or other information that they don’t need, you might be leaving the door open for malware and other security risks.

Additionally, because public spaces like the local coffee shop cater to the modern, always-connected, work-from-anywhere lifestyle, most of these places offer free, public Wi-Fi. That’s great for cutting down on your data consumption, but if you’re tempted to hop on the local coffee shop’s Wi-Fi network to pay some bills or conduct your regular banking activities, think again. Unsecured Wi-Fi networks make it easy for hackers to intercept your data, meaning you’re essentially handing over valuable bits of information such as your bank account number, credit card numbers, login credentials, and more.

The fix for this, of course, is to practice good smartphone security habits. That means installing a trustworthy security app to prevent malware and viruses from accessing your device, using a strong password, avoiding public Wi-Fi for sensitive transactions, and using features such as lock screen and remote wiping services to ensure the sanctity of your personal information should your device become lost or stolen.

No matter what smartphone mishap you encounter, the consequences can be costly, particularly if you don’t take the proper steps to rectify the situation. It’s always a smart idea to carry insurance on your device, which protects against accidental damage not typically covered by device warranties. And, in addition to making sure you’re well-covered in case of accidents, keep your eyes on the road while you’re hunting for Pokémon.

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