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Samsung Chromebook More Popular than Apple Macbook

There hasn’t been all that long since the Samsung Chromebook hit the market, but since it’s a combination of some of the most powerful titans around, it should come as no surprise the effect that it had on the world. Still, to even overtake the Macbook ( any Macbook, really – I won’t go into specifics ), that’s something. I am not the biggest of Apple fans ( hate them, really ), but I can easily appreciate the quality of their products ( they’re still highly overpriced, however ).

According to the Amazon Best Sellers, the Chromebook managed to topple the popularity of all the Macbooks and situate itself on the top of the list in just a few short days. And it’s little wonder why that actually happened. If you have the chance try checking out some of the Chromebook commercials on YouTube. If you’d like, I can provide you with this little link ( HERE ). Note that I am not endorsing said person, but I just couldn’t find them anywhere else. Also, you can find some more by simply browsing for yourself. They have a certain degree of humor to them – marketing done right, if you ask me. The world nowadays is too serious and driven by politics, wherever you go. Such commercials ( sort of like the SuperBowl ones ) still make things interesting.

Now the Chromebook isn’t exactly the strongest PC out there, but it most certainly is great, It’s best comparable to the Netbooks ( which have been taken out of production ) and it works wonders. It’s fast, slim and lightweight. It uses the Chrome OS and boots up in about 5 to 10 seconds. It’s great for the internet, but not much else. Of course, with Chrome being as it is right now, you can even play games on it in the form of “Apps”. Some of them are really quite interesting. While they may lack the story and gameplay of large computer games, in the end the serve their purpose: to make you feel good.

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  1. sorry but the Amazon Best Sellers is not a legitimate source for sales numbers for either side

  2. I don’t know anyone who owns a chrome book, however a lot of people with macs

  3. This article is bad on so many levels…

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