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HTC One in Gold ( with a twist )

I told you guys a while back about the HTC One and how they were talking about releasing a gold-plated version ( which they did, but not HTC officially ), hinting that they will soon release a golden-colored one without actually increasing the price. Well, it would so happen that now it is available.

While this version of the HTC One is looking the part, it should not be mistaken with the 24-carat Gold version released by Gold Genie, or even the 18-carat Gold one released by MOBO. This is only a gold-colored HTC One, a phone which was leaking all sorts of images for quite a time.

This phone will soon join the others on the shelves and will be able to be acquired as the Champagne HTC One, being found alongside the Red, Blue, Silver and Black ones. The specs, however, remain the same: a 1080p 4.7 inch screen, a Quad-Core Snapdragon 600 and it’s also equipped with that unique 4 MP camera with Ultrapixels and OIS.

This particular phone will be released soon all across Europe through a wide array of retailers, but if you want more specifics, I’ll let you yourself search for them and find out, as each and every country will have it available from a different retailer.

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