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Galaxy S III and Nexus 7 – the Top Dogs

We all knew that the time was about to come and so it has. It is about time that the best phones of this year were chosen and I think we were all kind of expecting this ever since we saw it. Apparently, if you weren’t tipped off already by the title of this article, the Galaxy S III and the Nexus 7 were valued as the most powerful ones of this year. This year’s top dogs were unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The awards are given to the best devices, apps and general technology selected by the GSM Association.

While the full list of winners is quite large ( and frankly, there are some really obscure titles around there, some of which you haven’t heard of in your entire life ), here you can find some of the very best enumerated:

  • Best Feature or Entry Level Phone: Nokia Asha 305 ( dual-SIM at a pretty interesting price )
  • Best Smartphone: Samsung Galay S III ( what a shocker, huh? )
  • Best Mobile Tablet: Asus Nexus 7 ( which is still selling strong, despite it being released a long time ago )

On the app side of things, the Facebook app won the Best Mobile App for Consumers, Evernote won as the Best Enterprise App and the Best Overall App selection went to the Waze navigation app.

Also, Samsung won 3 different awards for Device Manufacturer of the Year, Best Mobile Infrastructure and Outstanding Overall Mobile Technology.

While I believe it is still early in the year to announce the Best things out there, I do pretty much agree with their choices. Those devices mentioned are the ones that I too would have picked since they are so popular with people. Also, I have had the privilege of using them all and I can honestly say that they do live up to the name.

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