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Samsung Galaxy S III: 50 Million Sales

With the whole world buzzing about the Samsung Galaxy S IV, we almost lost count of the important things. Granted, while this little bit of news may not be as important as the announcement of the Galaxy S IV and its availability for pre-orders worldwide, it’s still an important feat accomplished by Samsung which deserves a bit of recognition and ... Read More »

Galaxy S III and Nexus 7 – the Top Dogs

We all knew that the time was about to come and so it has. It is about time that the best phones of this year were chosen and I think we were all kind of expecting this ever since we saw it. Apparently, if you weren’t tipped off already by the title of this article, the Galaxy S III and ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy: What the Future Holds

In this age of information and advanced technology, we come to rely on the internet for information more and more. Why not, after all, it is the information super-highway. However, with the many pieces of information floating around, one or two may end up false. Those we aren’t sure about, we call rumors. Some end up being fake while other ... Read More »

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