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Amazon Smartphone – Possible Date Revealed

A lot of talk has been found on the internet about Amazon’s smartphone for a while now – and if they follow the same example as they did with their Kindle tablets, I’m sure they’ll make quite a hit. You see, the short story is this: Amazon has sold its products at a lower price than that of making them, but they’ve been cutting their profits mostly from the Online Content since their devices are restricted to the Amazon Market for entertainment ( some would call the strategy of selling things at a price lower than the market value “dirty”, but I’m for this just to see the results ).

Talk lately has been hinting that Amazon finally settled on a date for this phone, that date being the 18th of June. The source of this information is that Amazon has released a rather vague and mysterious invitation to an event on that date. The invitation was accompanied by the video posted at the end of this article, which may very well be hinting at the 3D Eye-Tracking feature of the phone.

The most interesting part about this little thing isn’t the invite itself, as there’s already enough of those closed-doors events that many people can’t see with their own eyes, but the fact that regular customers can request an invitation and receive access to the event. After all, it’s the customers that should know more about the product.

All the details about the Amazon smartphone up to now aren’t really worth mentioning yet, as they’re pretty much speculation until now. We may actually see ( fingers-crossed ) an unveiling of the device at said event and then get an idea about this mysterious device. Here’s hoping it won’t be a let-down.

Here’s the video I was talking about earlier – see what you make of it:

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