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Amazon Smartphone – Possible Date Revealed

A lot of talk has been found on the internet about Amazon’s smartphone for a while now – and if they follow the same example as they did with their Kindle tablets, I’m sure they’ll make quite a hit. You see, the short story is this: Amazon has sold its products at a lower price than that of making them, ... Read More »

Amazon’s Tilt-Oriented Smartphone

As you may already know ( if not, here’s a little reminder¬†), the retailing mega-giant known as Amazon thought it wise to try and get into the smartphone field, based on the wide success of their tablet ( which was intended to be taken as an e-book reader, but it was way more powerful than that and people sort of ... Read More »

Amazon Smartphone set for June?

Amazon, one of the top online retailing titans to date, has always had a knack of cutting a profit some way or another. When they decided to get into the tablet business with their “semi-tablet” Kindle e-book readers, they received mixed results. Opinions then were: how can they cut a profit out of this when they’re wasting more money on ... Read More »

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