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Adobe Flash versus HTML 5 for Apple

The last few years have been particularly good years for Apple with the release of their nifty iPhone and the awesome iPad. We got to see some awesome technology emerge and some new products that have changed the way we enjoy mobile casino games. The iPhone and iPad casino games that have been available in the past have undergone many upgrades and the biggest and most impressive of these was when Apple shrugged of Adobe Flash and decided to choose HTML 5 as its new development preference. The experts were divided as to whether this really was the best move to make, and many people thought Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple at the time had lost it. Mobile casino games had just started emerging and although the Adobe platform didn’t cope as well as it should iPhone and iPad casino users had faith in a product that had so far delivered on all its promises.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who was pretty happy with the new features offered by iPhone and iPad but over time I realised that players were definitely going to demand that casino games for iPad and iPhone actually worked. Apple had configured their phones and tablets to do just about everything but their continuing collaboration with Adobe Flash and a plug in that was unreliable, unstable and chewed up battery life would have proved to be troublesome in the long run. Steve Jobs recognised this and in one quick move eliminated any Adobe Flash development from the newest range of Apple products. To say Adobe was unimpressed would be putting it lightly and a major war erupted between the two conglomerates. Jobs maintained that Flash just was not secure enough and there was not proper support for iPhone and iPad casino games, as well as any of the other games found at both the Apple store and online. Adobe had failed time and again to provide a stable platform for mobile casino games and Jobs realised the potential of HTML 5 and decided to run with it.

Apple devices now boast HTML 5 powered mobile casino gaming and the state of the art, cutting edge games enjoyed using a compatible iPad casino app or browser based game are a clear testament to just how Apples decision was technological triumph. Adobe conceded defeat when it announced it was shifting its focus away from the mobile Flash platform, and when seeing the current quality of iPad casino games there really was no competition.

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