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Weaphones: Firearms Simulator

Today we’ll be reviewing an awesome little app known as Weaphones, the Firearms simulator. Have you ever wanted to try out a real gun, to feel it in your hands, to measure the weight, feel the recoil and then smell the delightful smoke trails it leaves after spitting lead? Well, this app won’t help you with that, but it will let you hear how the weapon actually sounds and see for yourself how it operates.

Most of us are unlucky in the way that we have no armories or gun shops or shooting ranges in our near vicinity, or in the fact that a licence to operate a gun isn’t so easy to get. For all of those gun-nuts with the curiosity to see hot it all functions, this app is for you. While the weapons may not be in the most realistic of sizes, know that a lot of effort was put into making this app. With all the work it took and all the things it has, I’d say that asking for less than 1 dollar for it isn’t all that big a deal.


  • This app has realistic sound effects, smoke effects and even recoil effects
  • This app also has firing and shell injection animations
  • You are allowed to fully interact and control the object on screen
  • This app also has authentic weapon mechanics
  • To top it all off, this application is 100% customizable to fit the user’s hand size and preference


Weaphones is also widely considered and accepted as the ultimate firearms simulator for your phone or tablet. While it may be somewhat limited at the moment, with the continued support of the users, more and more is being added.

This nifty little Android app helps blur the line between digital and physical, effectively combining the two to create a fully interactive real world experience. You can switch on or off the safety, load the magazine, rack the slide and then fire, all within the legal boundaries.

With an ergonomically designed aspect, this app fits naturally into the shooter’s hand. All of the important controls are located withing a finger’s reach. The ability to seize and flip and also relocate the weapons allows a perfect fit no matter the size of the hand or the screen.

You can have this app and all of its features for less than the price of a single 5.56 mm round.

The costimizable features are as following : Lefty Flip, Rotate 180 degrees, Scale and Location. Also, the user adjustable variables are as following : Unilimted Ammo, Delay Timer ( for the grenades of course ) and Auto Reload ( for the Revolver and Shotgun ).

This app also has a few other features to it : weapon state indicator ( so that you don’t ask the question “Why am I not shooting?” ), ultra detailed step-by-step animated tutorial for each weapon, multitouch & accelerometer support and social media driven future content.

What this app currently has are : Pistol ( with a trigger, hammer, slide, magazine release, safety, slide release and flashlight ), Revolver ( with trigger, hammer, cylinder release, ejector rod, speed loader and revolving cylinder ), SMG ( with trigger, charging handle, magazine release, fire selector, bolt catch and laser attachment ), Shotgun ( with trigger – action or slide, folding stock, safety, action release and shells ) and Grenades ( with spoon, pin and variable timer ). You may think that’s pretty few, but you can’t expect much more than that for a mere 0.99 cents.

Upon purchasing the app you may be prompted to go on Facebook or Twitter to contribute to what the next weapon is going to be.

You can get this app from Amazon.

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