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Yet Another Useless Prediction From Gartner

As a research firm, Gartner must keep on making this type of predictions to earn money, even though I think their methods are very flawed. It’s not just what I think, though. They’ve shown before that their predictions are completely useless for a period longer than even 6 months. Read More »

Android Takes Top Spot from Symbian

It wasn’t long ago when Garner, the research company, said that by the end of 2014 Symbian will have 31% market share and Android 29%, and predicted that soon after that, Android will surpass Symbian. When they made the prediction Android had 17% market share, while Symbian had 40%. Well, it looks like Android has already surpassed Symbian. Read More »

Android to Become Market Leader in 2011

There are a lot of speculations whether Android will hit the top of mobile operating systems market in 2011 or not. To be frankly I would like to see Android leading the mobile os market, but I also think that something big should happen to reach this stage. Reports for Q3 of 2010 places Android on the second place, with ... Read More »

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