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Samsung’s Next Note: 20 MP Camera?

With more and more manufacturers nowadays laying bolder and bolder claims of having the best cameras on their phones, it’s time for Samsung to enter the race as well. The company plans on implementing their next big development on the next Galaxy Note to come out ( as to when or what that phone will be equipped with, not many people can tell, and those who can simply won’t ). The company’s Mobile Advanced Development team is already working on 20 MP camera modules.

Apparently, Samsung, the global market leader, is facing a few difficulties with the implementation of Optical Image Stabilization, so therefore it is looking for other means to set their products apart from all the rest. This next camera module has been given an estimate time: it’s supposed to come out somewhere around the second half of next year. Since that’s around the same time of the year in which the next generations of Galaxy Note phones comes out, it may be a pretty safe bet that it will debut on one of them.

In the meantime, Samsung has its own expectations from 2014. They have great expectations, indeed, and they’ve went so far as to even give out an estimated number of items to be shipped – a number close to 90 million units. All of these units mentioned are said to come with their 16 MP camera sensor.

It’s going to be an interesting year for mobile phone cameras, that’s for sure. And with this little piece of info, we realize that opinions are quite diverse: while some claim that the market is over-saturated with high-end phones and the future should hold more low-end devices, others apparently want to take the high-end devices a step forward and see what happens. Only time will reveal the truth…

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