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Samsung Galaxy Round: A Mistake Perhaps?

Well, once again, while I’m not proud of it, my predictions ended up being true. I truly believed that the Samsung Galaxy Round wouldn’t really be an all that great device and it wouldn’t really make such a huge impact on the market. Well, apparently it has failed in even making a DENT in the marking, recording a really small number of sales ( especially by Samsung’s standards ) of under 10.000 units. Their other device with a flexed screen, the Galaxy Gear, isn’t doing all that great either.

Personally, I blame availability of the device, because once you start limiting the device you know from a start that profits are going to be small. However, aside from being limited to just one area, this device also only caters to the needs of a VERY small group of people. This phone meant to be named Flagship by Samsung, but its availability is nowhere NEAR other flagships such as the Galaxy S4.

Also, in my opinion, a decisive factor would be the curved screen. A round screen won’t automatically convert attention into units sold. Also, the shape feels very unnatural, unlike the LG G Flex which felt like it was given that shape for a practical reason. Aside from the foolish design choice of the screen, the price of the device was also really jacked up. Making a move like that is bound to scare away a few customers.

I’ll be frank with you hear, there are certain steps that need to be taken if they really hope to turn this phone into a profit and not just another mistake. Firstly, they REALLY need to consider world-wide availability, and then there’s the factor of reducing the price ( 1.000 dollars for a phone is A LOT of money ). Also, at the risk of copyright, they could consider adding that neat self-healing back plate that the LG G Flex has. Maybe it would help, or at the very least justify the overly large price.

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