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Nokia taking on the Dark Knight’s Mantle

In light of the new Batman movie to come, Nokia has decided to take the lead on all the others as far as movie merchandise goes. Frankly, I’m quite surprised by this myself. Nokia is planing to release a special edition of the Lumia 800 that will come out as soon as the Dark Knight Rises movie. The only difference between this phone and the standard Lumia 800 is the fact that the Dark Knight Edition Lumia has a laser-etched Batman logo on the back.

Honestly I don’t look forward to either the phone, or the movie itself. The phone will be so extremely rare that it will probably be worth fortunes on the internet for the real die-hard Batman fans. The problem is if you’re an “old school” Batman fan. In that case, the only thing you’re anxious about is to see how much this movie will massacre the original story portrayed by the Comic Books. I for one classify myself as one of those few who still believe in the old Batman being much more epic than the Dark Knight from the movies.

The only thing that could make this phone attractive for me is if it has an integrated utility belt inside of it. Otherwise, a normal Lumia with an engraved Batman seal on the back isn’t worth the great plus of money that will be added to its value when it comes out.


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