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No More HTC One Mini in the UK

The Taiwanese company known as HTC just can’t seem to catch a brake nowadays. Just when they started to rectify their yearly financial issues ( that seemed to be recurring each year ) and seemed to be pulling themselves out of the dirt with the profits from their HTC One flagship, a company like Nokia has to come up and knock them back down.

In the case of HTC, Nokia seems to be the biggest of threats, it being a company with one of the biggest patent portfolios in the mobile world. Nokia has recently experienced a victory against HTC in the England and Wales High Court, a victory through which they claimed that HTC had violated the “modular structure for a transmitter and a mobile station” patent that Nokia had.

HTC’s argument was that the tech they used is part of the Qualcomm chips the company used and should be covered in a deal between Nokia and Qualcomm in the US. This did little else aside from stalling the judge from issuing the injunction, fact which is allowing HTC to file for an appeal, but they only have until Friday to do so. If this doesn’t happen, Nokia could even go so far s to ban HTC One sales in the UK.

Nokia has already killed any sales the HTC One Mini could make in the UK by banning its selling, starting December 6. While HTC did evoke samples of other manufacturers that infringe said patent ( like Apple, BlackBerry, Google, LG, Samsung and Sony ), this AGAIN did little to help them.

Nokia seems to have been holding a grudge against HTC’s One series, having achieved a sales ban against their devices before, but back then they claimed HTC was infringing on their patented radios and microphones. It also beat it at the Wireless patents and battery-saving patents in Germany. Things appear that Nokia does indeed have a personal problem with the HTC One series and has been, for a while even, carrying a chip on their shoulder.

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