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iGO My Way

If you have a phone with A-GPS support, you will probably have use of this app. Not everyone, but in case you need a GPS and don’t want your mobile internet bill to skyrocket, this app is the right app for you.

This app cannot be found on the Android Market since it is a multi-OS application available for every huge OS out there : Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc.

What does this app do exactly ? The GPS usually uses a network connection in order to broadcast your navigation in live feed. Otherwise, you’re just looking at a static map, without actually knowing where you are or being able to plot a route.

Now the phones that support A-GPS have an included GPS system of their own ( a real battery killer – only recommended if the phone is charging while doing it ). This app taps into the included GPS system of the phone and uses it.

I have tried this app myself and can vouch for its genuine-ship.

Now with this app, there are two sides to it – as with a coin. You can either purchase it, in which case it will work without a doubt, or – you can download a pirated version, method I do not endorse since it provides an older, buggy-er version of the application ( and I do believe it requires your phone to be rooted – act that sort of voids all your warranty / trust contracts that you may or may not have made ).

You can get this app from their official website, HERE.

I hope it helps you with whatever navigational problem you may inquire.

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