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Galaxy S4: Already 20 Million Sold?

Whenever a new product of any kind comes out, especially if said product gets quite a bit of public attention, rumors start circulating around different media environments. And considering all the hype that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has received, it was to be accepted that a certain amount of rumors would arise. Many have turned out to be true, but others were just slandering remarks formulated as such that they were considered an actual rumor and given a bit of importance.

Such was the case of a rumor which has been denied, regarding Samsung having cut down orders for the Galaxy S4 parts. Despite all of the false reports, the company is actually selling like hot bread. Yonhap News is reporting that the technological giant had shipped over 20 million units by the end of June, with the phone having hit the 10 million mark in late May, and so it appears that the demand isn’t slowing down at all.

Its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S3, took about 100 days to get to 20 million, so the conclusion to be drawn from here is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is actually selling 1.7 times faster. This speed reportedly put the Samsung Galaxy S4 at the #1 position in shipments for the 2nd quarter of this year. More so, even, analysts are predicting that it will keep increasing. There are expectations that it will sell over 80 million units this year, thus beating the 60 million achievement of the Galaxy S3.

Recently, there has been another version of the Galaxy S4 floating around. This one is a tad more powerful than the previous version and it bears the name Galaxy S4 LTE-A. It comes equipped with a Snapdragon 800 chipset and LTE-Advanced connectivity. The drawback of this device is its availability. Now usually LTE devices are quite restrictive area-wise, but this one is more so. It is currently only released in South Korea. However, one cannot help but wonder how it will affect the rest of the market should it ship out worldwide.

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