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Today we’re going to be reviewing Crossword, a really awesome Android Game for most ages. I am using the word Most instead of All, as you may be required to be able to read and write in order to complete this game.

Everybody loves Crossword puzzles. However, not everybody can finish a Crossword puzzle. I myself like to do one once in a while to verify my grasp over the language and to verify my general knowledge as well. You know what they say, a mind is a like a sword. It needs to be kept sharp and what better to sharpen and train with it at the same time than a Crosswords puzzle.

I’ve often found myself, for example, in trains or in public transport rides which took a bit longer than the rest. I thought to myself in that situation “Why did I not bring a Crossword with me?”. Well, it may sometimes be a bit unpleasant to carry with you all of those thick books or all of those newspapers. That’s what the creators of this app thought as well, when they created this app that promises to bring you hours and hours of fun or personal delight.

Also, considering that you’re purchasing an application that has over 250 professional puzzles for less than 2 dollars, I’d say you’re saving up quite a lot of money you’d normally be spending on Crossword puzzle books.

Features :

  • You have access to over 250 professionally set crossword puzzles
  • This app has an enjoyable and really well designed interface that includes even a zooming grid
  • You can choose between standard puzzle view or clue list view
  • You can check your answers in many different ways to highlight an mistakes
  • Too hard for you? Cheat and choose to reveal one of the three : a letter, a word or even the whole puzzle

Description :

This application offers over 250 professional crosswords to keep you busy during a coffee break, a lunch break or even a long trip. Usually, the crosswords grid is displayed on the full screen, but if you desire, you ca view the clue list instead with just the touch of a button for the user’s ease. The interface of this app is pretty darn attractive and very intuitive, making sure that any frustration you have is only oriented towards the difficulty of the puzzle and not to the design of the interface.

The puzzles can be attempted in any order and the game saves progress at all times. In the eventuality that you’ve had enough, you can always return to just the place you left off in. In case your device doesn’t have a keyboard, a convenient zooming grid pops out ( the keyboard is customize-able ) to aid you in your troubled times. Answer checking is also available and it highlights incorrect letters without actually revealing to you the correct answer and spoiling the surprise. If you truly get really stuck, you can choose to reveal a letter, a word or even the entire puzzle.

So, whether you’re on a break, commuting or you’re just looking for something stimulating to do, Crossword provides engaging, casual-level crossword puzzles suitable for everyone. Also, something to keep in mind is that you’re paying for 250+ crosswords for less than 2 dollars. That’s the bargain of a lifetime.

You can download this application from Amazon.

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