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Cheapest Android Tablet

Many are the individuals that desire an Android Tablet, yet not many are those who are actually willing to pay hundreds of hard-earned dollars on a device that may or may not last you all that long ( depending on how you treat it ). Of course, most people take good care of them, but I know a hand-full of individuals that would easily destroy a device in their negligence and then blame it all on the manufacturer for not making said device indestructible.

The tablet that I am about to show you isn’t really the strongest tablet out there ( and for a mere 80 dollars, nor should it be ), but it is more than reliable enough and provides more than enough performance for your everyday tasks. If you have a child that likes playing with different apps or if you simply want one for yourself for sheer entertainment, this tablet would be the thing for you. I give you the D2Pad D2-711_PK.

Now you may ask: “What is this D2 and why have I never heard of it since I know all budget manufacturers in my area”. Well it is common knowledge that the Local manufacturers make the cheapest tablets, but here I present to you one that you can get World-Wide. The D2Pad D2-711_PK may not be much to look at in terms of hardware strength, but for such a price it offers all that you need in a beautiful and easy to transport package.

This tablet is a small 7.0 inch tablet, so you can fit it just about anywhere – even in the inside-pocket of your jacket. It comes equipped with an A13 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of Internal Storage and Android OS v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. From what I can tell, the screen works fine without a too big latency, it has a decent battery life ( can withstand some 3 hours of continuous games and apps, but the people owning this tablet say it recharges in just about 1 hour ). The tablet has 4 GB of storage space you could use and in case that isn’t enough to sate your hunger, it also has a card slot for memory expansion.

This tablet is equipped with the Android OS v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – OS that is very good and increases performance of the tablet quite notice-ably. Had this been equipped with 2.3 Gingerbread ( as many of the budget tablets are ), I wouldn’t really have recommended it. Don’t take me wrong, it is a great OS nonetheless, but to come in this day and age with such an outdated operating system is sort of an embarrassment, not to mention shameful. With ICS on it, this tablet should run pretty fine. Also, on the thematic of software, this device comes pre-loaded with quite a bit content ( without really adding to the price ). This tablet comes with 10 books on it, 10 or so games and over 30 apps for your viewing pleasure.

One small drawback exists for this tablet, as it doesn’t really have a Preinstalled Playstore on it, however, fear not as it has full support for said app. Many users can vouch that they downloaded it personally and it works like a charm.

All things considered, I doubt you will find something much stronger than this tablet for the mere price of 80 dollars. I believe it is a very wise purchase for this price and provides you with more than enough features and performance, especially if you consider how much the rest of the Android tablets cost. Below you can find some pictures of the tablet. It is available in more than one color, if the particular coating it has in the pictures bothers you.

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