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Samsung Galaxy S5

Each year Samsung prides itself on releasing what is in their opinion the best Android phone of the year. While I try to be an impartial observer and never take sides or preferences in the matter of choice between mobile devices, I can’t help but give them some credit. The device in itself is a beast, alas I can’t help ... Read More »

Scratch Wireless: The end of voice plans

Carriers all over the world are trying to make you to buy bigger and expensive voice plans, trying to convince you that you really need all those minutes. You might end up paying 50-100$ monthly for a service where you only use 5%. With the rise of smartphones and the spread of wireless you can do whatever you want on ... Read More »

Micromax Canvas Turbo

Today we’ll be taking a brief look at the¬†Micromax Canvas Turbo. This phone is a jewel blessing the earth with its sheer existence. Why it is that I say something like that, you may ask: it’s simple – this is one of those rare devices that actually offer you a bit more than what you pay for. Stopping to consider ... Read More »

Acer Liquid S2

Today we’ll be taking a brief look at the¬†Acer Liquid S2. This phone isn’t officially out just yet, but I assume it will be by the end of this month. Also, this phone will most likely NOT be a cheap one when it comes out, considering there are quite a few features that seem to be relatively new to the ... Read More »