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A Few Good-to-Know Commands of Google Now

Android OS v4.4 KitKat has made sure to fully support Google Now and make a great use of it. I can honestly say that it’s better implemented on it than on any other operating system. The list of known commands has grown exponentially as well, especially since KitKat was out. But there are many individuals that don’t know ANY of the commands used by Google Now, and that’s why I’m here to enlighten you.

The good people from a nice site known as TrendBlog have gone ahead and made a cute little Info-Graphic that is listing many of these new and basic commands, including examples for the ease of the user. There are a few categories to choose from with these commands, categories like: Notes and Reminders, Time and Date, Communication, Weather, Web Browsing, Maps and Navigation. Heck, they’ve even got a special Easter Egg category.

Among the most useful we could find are perhaps the Reminders, as they truly show the powerful potential of this little program. They’re quite complex, but easy to use nonetheless. Check out the full image below to see for yourself:


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