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What features would you like to see in Key Lime Pie?

As the days count down until Google releases the latest Android iteration, Key Lime Pie, it’s interesting and perhaps heartening to note the relative lack of rumours, leaks and conjecture surrounding the release.

Yet of course, it’s not even confirmed when the new Droid OS will be rolled out.

The smart money is to put the announcement squarely at Google I/O on 15-17 May – where the search giant unveiled Jelly Bean last time out – but it’s not been officially stamped yet.

But what new features should be on Key Lime Pie? For a lot of bloggers in the community, the list is refreshingly small.

First up would be a unified messaging client with rumours of Google Babel hitting overdrive, especially given a recent screenshot, reported by Android Police, which features the word Babel. As Android Police puts it: “If you asked most Android enthusiasts what feature they most wanted from the platform in its next iteration, you’d hear a lot about unified messaging.”

Other popular suggestions include improved battery life – but when is that not on the wishlist? – and, interestingly, a new colour scheme. As Phonedog’s Chase Bonar put it: “Android could use a refresh to the black and blue theme of Jelly Bean. Remember, Ice Cream Sandwich also used the same colour scheme, Google, so let’s lighten it up.”

But what would you like to see?

The free to attend Droid World conference at Apps World on 22-23 October 2013 in London, featuring the now famous Android man, will look at Key Lime Pie extensively, examining its important features and how the OS will help app development.

Fragmentation continues to be the name of the game, with latest Google stats showing that two in five active Android devices run on Gingerbread, 30% operate on Ice Cream Sandwich and a quarter run on Jelly Bean.

With Key Lime Pie weighing into the mix by the end of Q2 2013, it’ll become more difficult to stay ahead of the pack. Find out tips and tricks on how to support fragment style behaviour, and how to overcome the challenges of device fragmentation at Droid World; to find out more and register for free please click here.

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