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The Dark Knight Rises

Before getting your hopes up, know that this game isn’t for everyone. I don’t mean that in terms of it being violent or anything like that ( it is, but it’s not bloody – Batman doesn’t kill ). The only disadvantage of this game is that it only runs on high-end devices. With it’s graphics, I don’t really blame it, but it will come as a disadvantage for the average user. Unless you have a powerful tablet equipped with something like Tegra 3 or its equivalent, this game will not run on your device. Still, as you may be aware if ever you’ve tried to play a game, usually the higher the requirement, the better the game looks. Now your average moron will say that the better the game looks, the better said game is. Truthfully, I never did value graphics all that much. However, despite looking great, this game also has a lot of gameplay items and some replay value to its name. You will basically play what happened in the movie, with a few slight modifications. If ever you’ve played a game made after a movie, you know the drill.

What this game is easily comparable to is Batman Arkham Asylum, if you’re familiar with PC titles. It’s basically that, but set in a different location and with less graphics and gadgets. Still, it’s a pretty enjoyable game that offers a lot of content for a decent price. It’s more than the regular apps and games, of course, but then again, this isn’t a regular game.


  • Exclusive game inspired by The Dark Knight Rises
  • Epic Gaming Experience
  • Play as the Dark Knight
  • Experience Gotham as never before


If you’ve not yet seen the movie The Dark Knight Rises, prepare for a few spoilers. This game picks off right where the the previous film left you, with a difference of 8 years. For 8 years Batman had been missing, Bruce Wayne gone from public life and Gotham quiet due to the Dent law that denied criminals bail. Due to “Nothing good lasts forever” clauses, Bruce Wayne is forced to get back in action as the Batman. Little does he know that he must face the mysterious Selina Kyle ( Catwoman ) and Bane ( who despite all expectations, doesn’t have Venom – it’s a rewritten Bane with a different past / lore ). You will encounter all sorts of characters from the older titles, as well as new ones. Those characters are: Catwoman, Lucius Fox and Commissioner Gordon ( not in that order ), as well as many others.

The game features dozens of missions, many of which weren’t in the movie. You are to deal with hostage situations, bomb squadds, jailbreaks and car chases in order to prove that you are the one true protector of Gotham City. The game also has a thrilling fighting system that puts you right in the heart of the action thanks to the many different moves and cinematic effects. You can also collect hidden items from the city to unlock certain perks such as Upgrades for your gadgets or new fighting moves for the Batman.

The arsenal of Batman, while limited from what you’d know in the comic books, is still strong enough to take on a city of villains. You have access to the Grapnel, the Batarang and even the Motorcycle from the movie ( in certain situations ). While they may seem few, they offer infinite possibilities. Certain missions also allow the use of The Bat ( the hovering ship that he uses in the movie ).

The graphics of the game really are great when it comes to exploring Gotham City. You have access to most districts via the huge map of the game and the graphics of it will help a lot in the process of making the game as immersive as possible into the Batman universe. I hope you will enjoy this game as much as I have.

Below you can find a trailer for it:

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