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What makes a tablet well suited for gaming?

Things are happening in the gaming markets. Since its recent launch 6 million PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold. Microsoft is in a similar position with the Xbox One, which to date has sold around 4 million units. While those figures might sound impressive, dig a little deeper and they tell an altogether different story. Compared with the previous generation ... Read More »

China mobile gaming market set to overtake US

A recent report has estimated that the mobile gaming market in China could soon overtake the US. The research from digital industry analyst firm Superdata predicted that the Chinese mobile gaming sector would reach $3 billion in spending during this year. Gamers in China are set to see the industry grow larger than the $3.2 billion US mobile game market ... Read More »

Got an android device? Join a mobile casino today!

Play your favourite games at a mobile casino and win huge bonuses and jackpots along the way! Play big and win big! Why should the fun stop when it’s time to shut down your computer? It shouldn’t, and now it doesn’t have to! With mobile casinos sprouting up all over the mobile world, players can now enjoy their favourite casino ... Read More »


If you’re anything like me, your common sense would be screaming right now. What it would be saying is: “Why in the world should I pay 6 hard-earned dollars on a calendar app, when I very well have a calendar free-of-charge on my device?”. Ah, that is the beauty of this app, however. It is not a mere overpriced calendar. ... Read More »

Project SHIELD

You may have heard of this if you’ve read anything about the Tegra 4. Not long after the announcement of that processor ( heck, almost simultaneously ) they also announced the first device ( a personal creation ) running it. That is called Project SHIELD. Now Project SHIELD isn’t all that much to look at ( frankly, it’s a simple X-Box ... Read More »

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