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Steve Jobs has passed away…

One might say : “Yeah he died, so what ? This is an Android site, what the hell is he doing here ?”. I wouldn’t say that. I myself HATE Apple products, but have nothing against the man.

Frankly, I consider him a genius and I’m not actually sure how many people could have actually pulled off what he did. Not many people could have built a company from scratch and create one of the most popular brands around. As much as it pains me to admit this, Apple is quite well known and their products are good, if a bit overpriced to say the least.

As a man, Steve Jobs didn’t have an extraordinary life. He wasn’t born a multimillionaire with tons of fame, respect and such. He lived quite the normal life. He quit college to start a company out of his parent’s garage with no business skills whatsoever or any great knowledge of the computer. He had a saying that the computer is like a bicycle for the mind.

He created a huge company and became one of the most renowned businessmen alive. He was on many occasions compared to a DaVinci of modern times.

Cancer, however, doesn’t forgive anyone. Not even the richest or most powerful of us. Steve Jobs is a good example of what I just said. He died of pancreas cancer after struggling with the disease for many years and even undergoing a transplant.

What seems like the cruelest twist of fate is the fact that a day after he announced the iPhone 5, the iDied was released.

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