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Snapdragon 200 Series – 6 New Chipsets join the Fray

I have not been in the Android-related writing market for as long as I would have liked, yet along the ages I did come to respect certain manufacturers more than others. One of those manufacturers I have come to have great admiration for is Qualcomm. They are the kind of people that I like: the kind that are always trying to improve upon their work. They have been in this Android industry for longer than others and have released some really quality merchandise along the ages. They have made countless improvements in the past on their old and on their new chipsets.

In this case, the improvements come for an older series of Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. Since they have already secured the top-dog place with its Snapdragon 600 chipsets ( and soon the 800 chipsets ), Qualcomm has decided to turn its attention to the older entry-level phones. Thus, they are eagerly announcing that they will add 6 new Snapdragon 200 chipsets. Those will be available in the Qualcomm Reference Design ( QRD ) platforms in late 2013.

The new Snapdragon 200 chipsets come in both Dual-Core and Quad-Core ( withh 8×10 or 8×12 ) and are built on a 28 nm process ( similar to the Snapdragon 600 and the Snapdragon 800, with current Snapdragon 200 chipsets being on a 45 nm process ). The new Snapdragon 200 chipsets support cameras of up to 8 MP and come with a new Adreno 302 GPU, which, as Qualcomm promises, will deliver “class-leading graphics performance” ( with the current models using an Adreno 203 ). As a bonus, they decided to throw in Quick-Charge support as well.

The chipsets have support for 3G HSPA+ ( of up to 21 MB/s ), TD-SCDMA for emerging markets in China and other places, and can work in Dual-SIM: Dual-Standby ( or Dual-Active ) phones and even on Tri-SIM devices with Tri-Standby handsets. We can expect to find the Snapdragon 200 chipsets inside the new entry-level Android phones, Windows phones and even the Firefox handsets, however, it is still too soon to be talking about launch dates.

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