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Nexus 5 – October 31?

With more and more people embracing the “phoneblet” genre of devices, it’s small wonder that Nexus themselves have decided to get a foothold in there as well. The Nexus 5, or the next device they will release, is said to be an extraordinary piece of work, however, nothing is known for sure about the date in which it will be announced or released.

The smartphone casemaker known as SPIGEN has pointed out an unconfirmed launch date of the smartphone. Actually, the company has posted an Amazong listing of a case for the yet announced Nexus smartphone, claiming that October 31 is its release date. SPIGEN, a company that makes cases for iOS and Android devices alike, previously leaked a high-res  photo of the iPhone 5C, and in doing thus they actually confirmed its name.

This also happened in a similar Amazon listing, which leaves many people hopeful that the release ( or at least the announcement ) date of the next Nexus smartphone could pan out to be true. After all, their Samsung Galaxy Note 3 render that the company outed turned out being true as well.

The Nexus 5, as the smartphone has been dubbed thus far, made an appearance in the Android 4.4 KitKat promo video made by Google. Since then, it has gone through a visit at the FCC, hinting that it is close to an official status. Those FCC documents reveal that the Nexus 5 will sport a 4.96 inch display ( most probably with a 1080p resolution ). Guesses are that LG is indeed the manufacturer of this next one, the specs of the devices will be revolving around the LG’s G2. More precisely, it will sport a Snapdragon 800 chipset, a 13 MP camera and so forth. Most probably, Android 4.4 KitKat will ship with the smartphone as well. We still know close to nothing about the features of this release, so all we can hope for is seeing the announcement together with the smartphone.

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