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Motorola Ara – Building Process Started

The world’s first modular phone, the Motorola Ara, has finally gained enough support to commence production. If you’ve missed our previous post about the Motorola Ara just click HERE to go to the go to it and catch up a bit about what a Modular Phone is. Otherwise, simply keep reading and you shall see.

Just this morning I had a rather heated discussion with somebody about the state of today’s technology. I remember that a while back they were built to last and / or be repairable by yourself. Nowadays TOO many phones come out with things such as Built-In Batteries and stuff like that. Our consumer’s market is built so that we consume as much as possible in as little time as possible. Nowadays people are expected to buy a new gadget every year since the old one either broke down or is too weak to keep in line with the others. It’s similar to the gaming consoles, come to think of it, except they only upgrade once every 5 years or so, not every couple of months as with phones. However, the PCs aren’t tied to that problem. The PCs have parts that can be individually replaced if they falter. Similar to the design of the PC is the Modular Phone – a phone with many replace-able modules on its back that can be upgraded and maintained to last for a few more years than others.

There was a problem once with popular opinion, as the market wouldn’t quite allow for something like this – for you see, the support of more than 1 company is required to create these modules ( you need diversity there as much as in any other part ). With larger manufacturers being interested in keeping it as things have gone now ( with the public buying the next device each year because the previous can’t handle it anymore or broke down ), they’d never agree to a competitor that offers to be reliable and break down as little as possible, more so invest in the manufacture of these modules that would bring them WAY less profit than any of their flagship devices. Thankfully, there are those who’ve shown interest.

When last I showed you this device, it was just a concept, but now the Motorola Ara is closer to reality. Motorola and 3D Systems have just announced a partnership to manufacture these custom-build modular phones. These two companies will team up to create a high-speed 3D printing production platform and fulfillment system. This partnership will ensue that both 3D Systems and Motorola will make advancements in the usage of new materials, as well as new production methods.

If this product of the partnership is successful, 3D systems will become an exclusive fulfillment partner to Motorola. Therefore, the company will be manufacturing both smartphone enclosures and modules alike.

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