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Today we’ll be reviewing a little game called Monopoly, the game famous for ruining friendships and families alike. If you’ve never played Monopoly in your life, you’ve got to stop and ask yourself this question: At what point has my life turned so wrong? Now I didn’t mean to be so drastic about it, but one has to have a serious problem if one has never actually played Monopoly in ones life. One must also has a problem if one keeps referring to oneself as “one”.

This is the Android version of a very popular Board Game played at parties and friends gatherings all over. It is a very fun game that can turn you into an overly competitive monster that will make all his / her friends hate him / her. Your objective in the game is to get rich while other people wither and die under your heel, serving only the purpose of forming a step underneath you to aid you on your journey to the top. This game is a pretty good simulation of what the governments are doing to the people worldwide, except in Monopoly, you aren’t on the losing side.


  • Through this tiny Android game you can play the classic game of Monopoly we all know and love
  • You can compete against the AI or another friend via the Pass and Play mode
  • The AI comes in 3 different difficulty settings.


As legend would say, the modern version of the Monopoly board game was invented during the great Depression by an unemployed man named Charles Darrow. Being denied by the major game companies at the time, he decided to go into business for himself and publish it alone. That game went on to become the most popular board game in the world.

Nowadays you can take this board game with you wherever you go via your Android device.

What’s your strategy? Go to Boardwalk or Park Place, buy them and then hope that the adversaries have some unlucky rolls? Or perhaps you prefer to just go on the Green, Red and Yellow properties and bleed the hell out of your adversaries: slow but steady. Whatever your strategy at this game, all will work on this Android version as well.

One of the best things about the digital version of this game is that you don’t have to cross the world high and low to find an opponent foolish enough to take you on. You can always match your entrepreneurial skill with the computer and its 3 difficulty settings. Of course, the real fun with this game begins when you start to play in the Pass and Play mode with other people. However, it’s much more fun to play it on the board, but if no board is round, this is a good alternative.

This is quite simply a great looking and really well designed game. Just pick your favorite piece, shake the device to roll the dice and the game will commence. You can tap the screen to zoom in and examine the details of any space and / or property. You can turn the board with a quick swipe of your fingers. All of your properties and your currency is automatically tracked for you. All you have to do is scheme your way to economic dominion.

There are also a lot of options regarding your money, how many houses you need to buy to create a Monopoly, theme music and more. Just set up the type of game you would like to play and get to it. Are you up to the task of becoming a real-estate tycoon? Show your friends your true financial genius with this cool game – Monopoly for Android.

You can get this nifty little game from Amazon.

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