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Monopoly Millionaire

Once in a while, I too fancy a quick game of Monopoly with my friends. I don’t really like the mobile edition games of Monopoly as usually they take out all the realism from it with all sorts of ugly graphics and gameplay mechanics that just feel out of place. However, with this game, the story is different. It looks great, feel great, plays great and it won’t weigh down too heavy on your wallet as it will only set you back about a dollar.

A word of warning, however. As you may very well be aware, most higher end graphics games occupy a lot of space due to the size of their texture files. This game has some amount of graphics on it, but not altogether that much. Therefore, it will occupy some space, but not the 2 GB that games like The Amazing Spider-Man or The Dark Knight Rises or Dead Space take up. However, it does occupy some 950 MB of space, so I wouldn’t really recommend downloading it if you’re on a limited internet service. If you have Wi-Fi available, then go for it without a worry in the world.


  • Be the first to make a million dollars and win the game
  • Trade properties
  • Force powerful deals
  • Risk it all for a chance at the big money
  • Compete with friends on the Pass n’ Play option


The game is basically the same as your well-known Monopoly game. It doesn’t really offer much in the way of improvement as the game itself is hard to improve. However, it does offer a few improvements in the graphics department. Some would say that such an improvement is hardly considered worth the cash, but then again this game only costs a mere dollar, so you don’t really have a lot to lose. If you like Monopoly then don’t think for a minute that this game will be a waste. It’s worth its coin as it costs ever so little money to get. You will most likely not regret the purchase. While it does get a bit repetitive in the future, it’s a great time-passer for a great price.

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