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Liquid S – Acer’s First ?

In this day and age, the hybrid between tablet and phone has become quite common. Often dubbed a “Phablet”, Acer has decided that they have gone too long without one and want to build one of their own. At the MWC, Acer showed their Liquid E1 ( but then again, that was announced a month earlier ). Come to think of it, the company didn’t necessarily announce anything new at the convention, but the president of Acer’s Smartphone Business left some clues as to a new device – one of those tablet-phone or phone-tablets or phablets – in an interview for the official MWC paper. That device is known as the Acer Liquid S. There are no specifics mentioned about it, but below you can find what the president had to say about it in his advertorial:


Acer doesn’t currently have a Quad-Core phone ( or any phablet, either ). As of yet, only its tablets have Quad-Cores. Therefore, this phablet would be Acer’s first non-tablet to be equipped with a quad-core device. What exactly is the definition of a phablet nowadays, anyway? We don’t really agree with their definition of 4.7″ and above since there are many of them already out and you can’t really call them anything else besides a phone. The recent 5.0 inch additions to the phone world are definitely pushing the boundaries of that definition. Heck, last years a few of the flagships branded that 4.7″ is a regular size for a phone, as is the case of the Galaxy S III and the One X.

Also, the Galaxy Note II and the Optimus G Pro with their 5.5″ screens might be the lower-ends of the phablet range, while the Asus Fonepad puts the current maximum at 7″ ( size which was previously attained only by tablets ). Therefore, the Liquid S can be anything in between, and that’s a pretty wide radius to expect.

While this announcement is as vague as it gets, many still claim it is an announcement. Only time will tell what there is to tell about this device. We will see soon enough as to what the Liquid S is capable of and how big it truly is.

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