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LG 4G: the 10 Million Milestone

It was no secret that LG had 4G phones, and a few really good ones at that. Frankly, it is surprising that they didn’t hit this milestone earlier. However, the fact that they barely sold 10 million 4G units NOW indicates one thing ( and proves my theory ) that the 4G devices aren’t as widespread as they should be. I mean, take my country for instance. They only just started advertising introducing the 4G phones recently here, so this proves that the 4G, as opposed to some overly developed countries that have it for some time, is still some relatively new technology ( despise all the years it has been around ).

Now referring strictly to LG’s success regarding their having sold over 10 million LTE units worldwide, it is reported that their aggressive push into the 4G markets has been the main reason of their success into this domain. Their early entry in popular LTE markets such as the US, Japan, Germany and South Korea has significantly played its part in this latest achievement.

While this achievement may seem big now, it will ultimately fade in the long run. Thus, LG is planning to double its LTE smartphonw sales and the recently announced LTE-enabled ( and most importantly, affordable ) smartphones at the MWC just serve to proving LG’s determination. Those newly launched devices along with the popular Optimus G and the more recently launched Optimus G Pro will most surely attract an even larger consumer base.

Things are looking up for LG in the 4G domain. While I believe it has been a long time coming, I am still glad for them and hope that they will be right in their predictions. But, then again, only time will tell what is to happen.

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