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Is Android Easier to Use than Non-Smartphones ?

This article is especially inclined towards getting some feed-back from none other than YOU, the viewer. Leave your answer to the question above in the comments or keep reading if you want to hear my answer for this question.

It all depends on the individual, but generally, SmartPhones are easier to use than any other normal phone. I have a personal theory that they are either so easy to use to make life easier for us as humans, or that they are so Smart because they were intended for not-so-smart users. This is a bit hypocritical being said by me, since I too own one, but I have to say : I’ve had one for a few months now and I’m still discovering stuff it can do. Maybe it can even transform into a weapon of mass destruction and I just haven’t found the button for that yet. Who knows.

What’s certain is that they are really REALLY easy to use. Take for example a task as menial as getting a phone number or a link from a text message. Your friend messages you with the following : Hey, this is my new number ! With the Android, or any other Smartphone come to think of it, you just have to click on the number and choose to either call, text or store into the phone’s memory. And there are so many other actions such as this one which would have taken quite a few minutes on regular non-Smartphones. The advancements of technology amaze me. I remember the days in which Nokia 3310 was the latest phone out there and everybody wanted one. Come to think of it, that phone is still way more resistant than any Smartphone out there. You can throw it from a helicopter and the only thing it would do is make a crater on the world’s surface.

All jokes aside, notice how everything is going towards a period in which you no longer have to do anything because your gadgets would do anything for you ? Sounds nice, right ? WRONG ! If we as human being are oriented to these certain stages of our lives when we are no longer required to do any effort whatsoever, be it physical or mental, how will we better ourselves as a species. Sure it might sound like an easy, high tech life, but we’ll all be too dumb to enjoy the wonders of those technologies. Sometimes I feel like we’re going in the direction of the fat people stuck in floating chairs with a touchscreen in their face like the ones from Wall-E. And society has no problems with the fact that the specimens of the human race get weaker. After all, weak and untrained minds are easier to control. I probably sound like a conspiracy geek right now, but I got you thinking didn’t I ?

Well, as I’ve said before, leave your opinion in the comments below as to whether or not you think that Android is better than any other Smartphones or Non-Smartphones.

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