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In Every Strong Phone, A PC Sleeps

Some time ago I did a small article about the Ubuntu OS for phones. This article is also sort of related to that particular topic. This is not really related to the Ubuntu Mobile OS as that one tries to create an operating system that is universal for more categories of devices. Instead, this Ubuntu for Android does a similar thing, with many differences. For your enjoyment you can find an interesting video at the end of this article which explains things better than I. What this Ubuntu for Android points out is a cunning similarity between the PC and the phone. Odds are you have a smartphone with a Quad-Core, more GB of RAM and so forth. Does that not sound just like the description for your PC? Basically, you’re using two different devices for the same purpose.

This creation lets you use just one for both. What Ubuntu for Android does is allow you to use a dock connected to the monitor, keyboard and mouse to turn your phone into a PC. In the end it’s a pretty good idea for those who do not really use the PC for any other of the casual and business tasks. It’s not such a bright idea for those who like gaming on a PC ( you will still be able to do it, but not with the titles you know and love ).

The video below will prove to you a point that is better shown then explained. In the end, it seems logical since people buy more and more high-end devices, yet they never use them for more than trivial tasks that can be accomplished on even the oldest of Android phones. Few are the people who really use the Smartphone to its fullest potential. Since the phone is capable to handle it, why not make it so?

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