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HTC – Still Plummeting ?

It seems I have approached this problem many a time, yet it still persists, unfortunately. If I’m boring you with my little pieces of news about HTC, I apologize in advance. I realize some of you may not actually like the company, yet I find that their quick growth and expansion was inspirational, to say the least. It is a shame to see that they could not really keep up with the big dogs and are now on an ever-spiraling fall and getting closer and closer to less-than-ideal situations.

HTC has done great efforts in order to increase their sales recently. It may be that they’re just in an extended run of bad luck. They were the first company to release an 1080p smartphone in the US ( see Droid DNA ) and were the first to release a global 1080p smartphone ( see HTC Butterfly ), yet their sales still don’t seem to pick up. In the past, the blame was shifted to their poor marketing for the recent problems and promises to improve in that area have been made. The first attempt to rectify was to hold a dedicated event for ts new One flagship, instead of introducing it at the MWC floor. Therefore, they offered their device more time in the spotlight.

Only time will tell if this strategy will bring any results and how much of an impact the One will make. The fact that last March HTC’s stock was trading at NT$600 and now it sits at just NT$255.50 represents a clear 57% decline. The trend will now still continue as HTC announced that its sales for February 2013 have dropped by 44% compared to the same period of last year. In the past month, HTC racked in about NT$11 billion ( or 384 million dollars ), which compared to the NT$20 billion ( or 685 million collars ) of February 2012 doesn’t really look all that good.

Only time will tell if things go for the better or for the worse. Personally I think it quite a shame that a company that makes such high quality products would have to suffer from poor marketing and media decisions.


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