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HTC Droid DNA – Silent Death ?

It would seem that the HTC Droid DNA, a phone quite dear to me as I like it extremely much, is slowly being taken off the market. As to why that is, only Verizon Wireless would know. The phone itself is pretty powerful and I would have thought it would prove to be quite an excellent flagship for HTC. As the market would show, it didn’t really make that big of an impact. I would hope that it will soon make a comeback to at least another carrier.

It seems quite weird how Verizon Wireless have quietly ceased offering the HTC Droid DNA, or their previous Android-running top dog. The smartphone is no longer available for purchase from the carrier’s online store and has already been dubbed as “retired” by the Verizon sales representatives. According to a statement from Verizon: “HTC halted production in the efforts to push the upcoming project on horizon”. That mysterious project may or may not be a smartphone which is closely related to the HTC One. If things turn out to be true, the HTC Droid DNA will go down in history as the shortest-lived Android flagship from HTC.

Personally, I think it a real shame as I found the phone quite brilliant as far as Hardware goes and the design and looks of the device seemed positively gorgeous. I would have gladly purchased it myself, had I not been limited the phone’s availability. Perhaps that too was a mistake – limiting it to just the US. Sure, the shipping costs would have been slightly higher, but in the end, when you sell to more people you earn more profit. Also, we all know that HTC had been having some monetary drawbacks but it’s a shame that great devices like this one must be taken off the market.

If you’ve never heard of the HTC Droid DNA, please do feel free to check out this website for it as we have posted a quick review of the phone.

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